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Monday, May 24, 2010

Law made easy

Hello to everyone out there in blogger world! I am SO excited to introduce you to my blog- Nikki Knows Law! I am a lawyer with experience in divorce, criminal and family law to name a few select areas of focus and my purpose in creating this blog is to encourage regular folks out there that the law can actually be understood without sifting through difficult legal jargon and without needing to have a law degree to do it! I am sure some of my peers will be critical of a blog like this one as many of them make their piles of cash by pretending that passing the bar is a prerequisite to navigating the legal word in which we often (unwillingly) find ourselves. But I assure you that once you get a few basics down, there are many legal problems for which you simply may not need to hire an expensive attorney.

You might ask why an attorney would start a blog by telling people that they don't necessarily need to hire a lawyer...very shrewd question...and the answer is just this: I come from a blue collar, working-class (is that term still politically acceptable??) family that didn't have thousands to spend when legal problems cropped up, and I am interested in using my knowledge to help foster the idea that by using plain english and the brain God gave you....those without the money can maneuver within the legal system without wasting time and hard-earned paychecks.

I must add a disclaimer that, yes, there will be times you will need to hire an attorney...and an additional disclaimer that these posts are NOT intended to be taken as legal advice. I hereby exclusively declare that by reading this blog you and I are NOT entering into a legal relationship of any sort or fashion. My hope is, however, that through stories of current legal happenings, or through hypothetical discussions, I may be able to help you to discover whether or not your particular legal problem is as devastating as you think, and at the very least, whether you may need to seek further legal aid.

My mission is to clarify the legal process and demystify what actually happens in those conferences between counsel and in the Judge's chambers so that you may actually get some sleep while the legal process continues. I look forward to comments, questions and a continuing cooperative effort to put laymen and lawyers on somewhat more equal footing! Here's to progress!

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